graduation project Txell Blanco

Leidsche Rijn is a Vinex-location in the Netherlands still under construction with only one function: to dwell. Actual inhabitants live in a “gap” between former green fields and future housing projects, with many lots still standing empty and almost no places to gather. These gaps provide new possibilities for gathering and interacting.

The Vinexmarkt is a permanent “gap” an image of a potential future where public spaces are flexible and self-generated. In a sense, with this idea, we want to celebrate the end of suburbia with a public square, an iconic, monumental and yet flexible market square. Its simulated concrete
skeleton of an unfinished Vinex-terraced house will memorialize the largest development in the Netherlands while finally giving inhabitants a real place to gather. The strucutre would give the possibility to the Burenmarkt and other initiatieves would to spontaniously happen. 

At the moment we are building a prototype at the new Muziekplein in Terwijde, Utrecht.

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Our successful crowdfunding campain is to find via Voor de Kunst.



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