in collaboration with The Outsiders and Gemeente Utrecht, 2013-2020

The Muziekplein, opposite Terwijde Station, has been crying out for a new life in recent years.  

Fotoshopper: a collective “camera obscura” picture of the first inhabitants of Terwijde, showing the square as a temporary market, 2013

The Municipality of Utrecht, Ridderhof Primary School and The Outsiders joined forces to develop a new the square. A green square with many trees, seating areas, water and sports-game elements for different ages.

The Outsiders have designed various elements of the square, as we once discussed with local residents.

Video of “What does play mean for you” workshop, The Outsiders 2015

Think of a ball pole, where players with a ball can come up with their own rules to get the ball into the different holes. Also think of different stands, which serve as seating areas, parcour or as cabinets for storing game elements and other tools. Also consider a Youth Meeting Place with the shape of a Vinex house. That is a house that has not yet been completed. Because there is no facade, the space in and around it is always open and accessible. During the construction of Leidsche Rijn, when we were still pioneering, we often saw this image. Neighbours donated to this project five years ago through a crowdfunding campaign. At the moment is in construction. Just like the idea back then, you can undertake multiple activities within this house.

The square now comes to life together with the existing Tiny Forest, or the traveling yellow slide that we adopted.Image of the book Travelling yellow slide - The Outsiders 2019

Travelling yellow slide - The Outsiders, 2018

Models of the Vinex house, a meeting place for the youth in Terwijde, original idea from Vinexmarkt

Ball pole - The Outsider 2020



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